The Haircut...

Out of desperation or pure insanity, Justin let me cut his hair on the 8th of November. I think it looks pretty good. It was getting in his eyes and making it hard for him to see, not to mention it was touching his ears. Anyway, take a look and you be the judge!


This year for Halloween, Camille (sister-in-law) had the first annual Campbell Halloween Party. Justin and I went as Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley from The Office television show. All the nieces and nephews dressed up as well. On Halloween night, the town of Gunlock had a party. They loaded all the kids up in a pickup truck bed and on a flat bed trailer and took them around trick or treating. We had 38 trick or treaters... all at once... yeah, it was chaos, but then we got to go and have dinner and go through a little "House of Horrors" that one of the men in our community put together. It was really rather fun. Of course we went with Kevin and Sara (and if you don't know who Kevin and Sara are by now, I'm not going to tell you...;-) and their kids. We all had a blast!

Justin's Birthday!!!!!!!!

On the 27th of October, Justin turned 27. We went to Fernley to celebrate his birthday with my family and Jen and Keith (some friends we have up there). My mom made him a spice cake birthday cake that had applesauce in it. He loved it! Then we played Apples to Apples and watched movies until midnight. He got money from my parents and my grandma (with which he promptly bought Transformers, the movie) and a long sleeve shirt and socks from his parents. The best present of all, though, came from his friend Dow, who gave him his extra shotgun and shop towels. Needless to say, he was excited!

Mark's Birthday

Also on the 20th of October, Justin and I went to his dad's birthday at the college's cabin in Pine Valley (did you get all that?). We had dinner and pie and hung out with family. Jack (nephew) and I were monsters and pretended to eat the boxcars of the wooden toy train set that Justin's parents own. We got Mark a Hawaiian shirt for his birthday because he likes them so much. Our reasoning was, however, that he needed some nice, light shirts to wear when they go on their cruise (all his kids are trying to get them to go on a cruise for Christmas or their anniversary or something).

Fall Wheelin'

Justin and I went wheelin' with Kevin and Sara (cousins and landlords) and the Wagners on October 20th. We wheeled up a back road that leads from Gunlock to Enterprise Reservoir. That trail is where Kevin and Sara met the Wagners on New Year's Day of this year and helped them get 'unstuck.' At the end of the trail, there were some caves and cracks in the rocks that the kids got to play in. Notice that most of us are in orange. The 20th of October also happened to be the opening weekend of the rifle deer hunt... safety first, you know... We had lunch in Enterprise and happened to see two of our Cub Scouts and their fathers there. They had been hunting that morning.

Pinewood Derby

On the third of October, our Cub Scouts held a Pinewood derby. Now, we have 8 Cub Scouts and each entered a car into their division. Then we opened it up to the community to enter into a general competition race. Fifty two cars were entered in the general competition race. Check out the cars that were entered!