Girls Weekend in Pine Valley

A few weekends ago, I went on a girls weekend in Pine Valley with Justin's Mom and Grandma and several other female cousins and Aunts. We all had a good time.


Alex's Eagle Scout Project

After Zions, we went to Fernley to help Alex with his Eagle Scout project. The Scouts had prepped the parking balustrades (or whatever they are) for painting the previous weekend. The paint was white and it took several coats to make sure it covered correctly. We also painted the sign, which was definitely more dangerous than we had anticipated. Uncle Dave had his work truck there so that we could use the compressor to paint the sign. It was very helpful.

The final wipe down before painting.

Those to scouts in the back are standing on the tops of ladders. Literally, on the top of the ladder. That's what I deemed more dangerous than anticipated. The craziest thing about this picture is that the sign that they are painting is not over the entrance to the cemetery. The entrances are on the corners of the cemetery. Completely bizarre... talk about your poor planning...

Zions National Park for Dow's Birthday

We went with Dow and Hannah to Zions to hike for his birthday. We asked what he wanted for his birthday and that's what he decided. It was cold and snowy (yes, snowy) but so much fun and so pretty.

Dow and Hannah.

A picture of the snow.

I Love Fall! All the gorgeous colors...