My Birthday... so far...

Today is my 25th birthday! I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about it yet; I'll post tomorrow and let you know all the details, but I had to share these cakes with you. The first one is the pineapple upside-down cake my mother-in-law made. It was soooooooo good! The other two pictures are of the cakes that Sara and Kevin and their kids made me last night. That's right. They're Campbell Soup can cakes! Aren't they the cutest things ever?! Kevin got a recipe from work for mug cakes and the idea formed from there. I need to mention here that the idea was Kevin's and that he made the actual cakes and Sara decorated them. I have such an awesome family!

On the Way Home

On the way home from Fernley the weekend of the 24th of July, there was a massive lightning storm over the mountains just south? east? of Beryl. So, being adventurous, I turned the setting on my camera to long exposure and, voila, I got a couple of lightning shots. They're kinda blurry if you blow them up, but, still, I think they're cool.

Alex's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Here's some pictures of Alex's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Justin awarded Alex his Eagle since Chris had to be to a rehearsal dinner for Brendan. It was good and short and well done. Congrats Alex!

Mom, Alex, Justin, and Dad

The table mom set up.

Are they heroes.... or are they goof balls? These are the scouts and leaders that helped out in the Court of Honor program.

The Eagle in the Sunset.

So... I kinda didn't get a picture before the cake was cut... whoops...

The set up.

Reunion at the Farm

Fun with Fancy Nancy... I thought KayDee was so cute!

Whadya mean I'm too heavy for this ride? (they had just barely finished pumping up the tires they flattened before I took this picture.)

All the girls dressed up in their fancy Nancy dresses.

Deal?.... or No Deal?....

Reading Fancy Nancy. Apparently, the boys were really into the story as well. Or maybe they were just mesmerized by Megan's shiny dress...

Fourth of July and the Gunlock Rodeo

We didn't get to do our annual BBQ on the 4th due to Justin's Grandma's annual reunion at the farm. That will get its own post, but here are some pictures of the rodeo and sparklers afterward.

The kids trying to find their shoes and race back to the announcer. If they were there first, they won a new pair of boots.

Kevin, I know you wrestled in high school, but don't you think this is a little extreme? Kevin and Sara doing the donkey watermelon race.

The sparklers!

My Unofficial Niece...

This is Lilly Shae Sullivan, Jaime and Denton's daughter. Because Justin and I are so close to Jaime and Denton, we are, once again, Uncle Justin and Aunt Rachel.

I should also mention that three months ago, I did get a real niece. Jody and Jim had a little girl they named Janalynn. If you want to see her, click the link to the right of this post. She's cute too. I should have some pics of her to post after the 21st of August.