New Place & New Job

Ok, so the Hurricane job wasn't as permanent as we thought. We decided to move anyway. It feels like we're supposed to be in this new house for some reason, especially the way everything has fallen into place.

Justin is working for Andrus Trucking now. He's their tow truck driver and also works on the safety lane. Denton works there too, so hopefully the two of them can get some work done instead of goofing off all the time... ;D

Our first week in our new ward was okay. Dow and Hannah go to the same ward, so we didn't have to sit by ourselves and we had guides to show us where the classes were.

I love our new place! It is so spacious, especially in the kitchen. I still feel a little overwhelmed when I look at all the boxes we still need to unpack, but I'm sure we'll get it done soon.