Christmas and New Years

For Christmas this year we went to Fernley. We were instructed that we had to, seeing as it was Chris' first Christmas back. We had a wonderful prime rib dinner on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, I got rather sick that morning and the rest of the visit was spent with either me sleeping or taking it real easy. I did, however, get a lot of rest and relaxation while we were there. As for loot, as everyone seems to be listing their squander, Justin gave me a ice cream maker attachment for my kitchen aid mixer and "Santa" got me a guitar. It is gorgeous, but, like I said, I was sick, so I don't think my parents got the reaction they wanted when I saw it. Instead of, "AHHHHHH!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!" they got a groggy "Awesome. Thanks." Sorry. Justin got an ammo box and sunglasses. The expensive ones... Oakleys... he's been wanting them ever since he lost his old one in the Vegas airport on our way to San Francisco. We got food storage from Justin's parents. The most awesome part about that was that it was Campbell's food storage, so there is soup and other Campbell's memoribilia with it. I'm one of the two daughter-in-laws who likes to collect the Campbell's stuff.

While we were in Fernley, Justin and I picked up an International Harvester Scout for Justin's brother, Merril. We drove to Truckee, which is just over the California state line... right on the edge of Donner Pass... in winter... lets just say that it gets a little snowy up there. Dow and Hannah came the day before to get some of her stuff from her ex. Dow said that it was funny that he drove out to the middle of no where and there we were. Crazy Dow...

That leads up to New Years Day. As per tradition, we went to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes and promptly sunk the Powerstroke to its axels in snow. That was an adventure. We had to unhook the trailer and get the jeep off the trailer before Merril could pull us out with his Scout (see above paragraph). Denton, one of our friends who went with us, sunk his Tahoe and trailer to the axels as well. Really, it was the story of the day. We really didn't think that we were going to be able to do much wheelin, but managed to take the back way to Coral Hill. The rest of the day was spent trying to make it to the top, sledding and tubing, and getting pulled out of thigh deep snow drifts. As Chris said, after becoming the one to discover the thigh deep snow, "I nearly froze the brothers!" (Sorry, I thought that was so funny! I laughed for ten minutes straight afterwards.) I have pictures and video, but they are on my cameras in the truck and its late and cold and windy outside, so I'll have to post them later. Until then, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!