Going to get fire wood

Our little friend in the grass. I nearly stepped on him once...
Caroline looking for the others.

I know you can't tell, but right after lunch, it was raining super hard.

It was a good thing we borrowed Kevin's chain saw. Dad's chainsaw had a broken oil cap, so Mom and I went looking all over Glendale for the owner of the Stihl repair shop. Luckily, we found him. On our way out to Glendale, a few ranchers were moving some cattle and asked us to slow down and wait so that we didn't spook the cows (any more than our diesel trucks did on the way in), so it took us nearly 15 minutes to get out of the canyon and back onto the road. An hour and a half later (or so) we finally made it back to the canyon only to have to follow a house half way out. Yes, I said a house! It was nuts! Mom took a picture, but I haven't swiped it from her yet. Needless to say, but the time we got back to the site, everyone was about to form a search party for us. It was definitely an adventure!

Alex goes to the temple...

Alex, of course, got his mission call to the Lima, Peru West mission. So he needed to go to the temple to get out his endowment. We all went up early with Alex and did some initiatories while he and Dad met with the temple President. It was a wonderful spiritual experience (not to mention a tear jerker... Alex flat out balled) and I'm so glad that my brother is choosing the right! What a wonderful person!

Alex and Justin hangin' outside the temple after the session. Justin is looking through some of the family names that we did. There were some cool names and locations (like the Endowment House) that he found super interesting.
The family that came to support Alex. There were also many ward members that came (who are like family as well) but they hurried away when the camera came out. Luckily, I was able to guilt my blood relatives into getting into the line up.
And here's our little family. In hind sight, we probably should have had Chris and Shae swap places with me and Justin because this picture makes Chris look really short, comparatively.

Summer... Part two.

Here's the cabin at Pine Valley for the Campbell reunion.
Launching water bottle rockets with the air compressor. Boys will be boys...
Juliet "tanning" after a swim in Veyo. She was so cute!
The grandkids put together a skit all by themselves. They had a lot of fun with it.
I turned 26 this year... Justin threw me a very nice party. Jaime Sullivan (who is the bakery manager at the Bluff street Albertsons) decorated the cake. It was really good and I was very touched by my husband's thoughtfulness

This is Alex's barbershop chorus in the Reno Area. Chris is in this picture too because he is part of the barbershop society down here. At the end of the concert, they called up all those that had ever participated or been a member of the barbershop society up to the stage to sing their "motto" song. I don't know what it is... I can't remember...whoops... Anyway, we weren't supposed to take pictures, but when they called up Chris (and others) I had to get a renegade shot. It was good, though it was way, WAY long.


Paice Family Reunion (minus Justin) :(

It was a sad reunion... at least for me.

Justin wasn't able to go because he had a tow job he had to do in Oregon. We had a feeling that it would be fine for me to go, but not for him, so I packed up a few things and headed on up with Chris and Shae. We decided not to borrow Kevin and Sara's trailer this time, because I was a little nervous about taking it with out Justin. I know, dumb, right? But what can I say? I'm paranoid...

Of course, I had a hard time sleeping after the first night. It was COLDDDDD! Even colder that I didn't have anyone in my sleeping bag to help warm it up. I have a hard time camping as it is. I have this irrational fear that I (or someone in my tent) will be mauled by a bear or a mountain lion. Again, I know, dumb. But I really am that paranoid!

We did have fun, though. I did the auction since Justin wasn't there. Here's a couple of pictures from the trip.Alex and I in the back of the Rhino waiting to go on an adventure with Chris and Shae.
Chris and Shae in the front seats of the Rhino. I love Shae's hat and flower!
View just at the top of the driveway from the camp site.The odd tree.
At the top of the peak. It took a little hiking to get here (and it was tough because of the elevation) but it was totally worth it...
because of this... that is Ely. And further back, that light, sandy area is the mine out in Ruth. Crazy, eh? I was able to call Justin from up here and wish him happy Father's Day. Not that he needed it, but he was happy to hear my voice (and I was happy to hear his).This bee was FREAKIN' HUGE! Seriously, it was nearly the size of a quarter! I would have put my hand next to it for a comparison, but as I said, IT WAS FREAKIN' HUGE!
We thought this tree looked a little out of place...
Shae and Chris at the top of the trail.
The snow bank we had to hike over to get to the overlook. We came back later and drove up over the snow.The kids loved the Rhino rides. This is my cousin's daughter. Granted, he races dune buggies, so she's accustom to these rides. She was joined by another cousin's offspring. He did well, but he's not quite as accustom to bumpy rides...
This is the day we were leaving. There were a few others that had to leave that day as well, so we were all gathered around saying our goodbyes.
Mom and Dad observing the mayhem.
We had to throw a couple of 'hawks before we left. Alex and Chris really like throwing tomahawks. They learned at Boy Scout camp. Shae and I have been taught as well, so we can throw a pretty mean tomahawk as well.
Shae's tomahawk is flying through the air. If you look closely, you can see it about half way between her and the logs just above the white blob between the trees. It's a little blurry...

We still had a lot of fun... or at least I did. It is a fun to hang out with my cousins and such. Not a bad Father's Day weekend...