I'm fine, really.

Okay. For those of you that don't know, I was admitted into the ER on Thursday morning (the 16th). I'm fine, there wasn't anything wrong with me.
I had woken up that morning with a headache and took some Tension headache medicine on an empty stomach and it had a weird effect on me. I should mention here that I have taken Tension headache in the exact same circumstances and NEVER had this happen. That is partly why I was worried. My heart was racing and my fingers were numb and I didn't want anything bad to happen when we live so far away from the hospital, so I told Justin to take me to the Insta-care. Well, apparently Insta-care doesn't open before 8:00 am. On to the ER we went. I was admitted and they took my blood pressure about a million times, did an EKG and a head scan and found everything fine.
The only drama was when they started taking my blood. They had an intern in there doing it. Poor girl. Anyway, I am very frightened of needles, to the point that I pass out. I told the nurse that was advising the intern that I tend to pass out where needles are concerned and that if she didn't want me to, I should probably be lying down flat. Obviously, she thought that I wasn't serious. So she starts telling the intern all kinds of things: "The band isn't tight enough" "This is a good vein, that is a bad vein, this vein will probably roll" "That's what it looks like when you go clear through the vein." Yeah. I lost it there. I told Justin that I was going to pass out. He tried to distract me. I didn't work. I told the nurse, "I'm going to pass out." "Sure you are, dear." The next thing I remember was a ringing in my ear and opening my eyes. Apparently, I tried to curl into a ball when I passed out, so Justin was trying to lie me flat.
It was concluded that a combination of the adverse reaction to the medicine and the stress I have been under lately is what caused the whole episode. So, learn from my expensive reminder: Don't get too stressed!