Annual Laub Reunion '08

Saturday was the annual Laub family reunion up at the farm. We took off a bit late and almost didn't make it in time for lunch. It was fun to hang out with and catch up with the cousins that came. We played Deal or No Deal (in which I scored $10), went wheelin', played a friendly game of volleyball that was sabotaged by the sun, two trees and a fence, ate some great food, and played a cute game of baseball. Then we watched Michael Phelps win his record 8th gold medal. Yeah, we didn't get home until way late, but it was fun!


So much awesome! (great grammer, eh?)

Okay, so to start I'll take you back to the third of the month when I turned 24!

We had a birthday party at Justin's parents' house and soooo many people came! Thank you everyone who attended, I really appreciated it!

Next onto this last weekend. My parents, youngest brother, and a family friend came down from Fernley for the weekend and I was able to spend some time with them. We watched the Olympics (mainly the events, we saw a bit of the opening ceremony), went shopping (I got a new Dan Brown book Deception Point to read before Twilight which I have heard is awesome) and then went paint balling with my brothers and his friend.

So, all in all, it has been a great month!



Lily Monster

It has been two months since we got Lily. I thought you might want to see some progressive photos to see how she's grown.Shortly after we got her.

Just before she fell between that gap in the stairs behind her. (Don't worry, she was fine)

Chilling under the picnic table at the Paice family reunion

On the 24th of July or so.

Isn't she cute?