We're moving!

Alas, we are moving from the fair town of Gunlock. We are sad. We will miss Kevin & Sara & the kids and the ward and the quiet and the orchard... but Justin works in Hurricane now. So we decided that it would be best if we moved into St. George to help offset fuel costs.

There are a couple of places that we are looking at right now. One is in Santa Clara (not too much closer than Gunlock, but a little) and the other is off of Main Street in St. George. They are exactly the same floor plan, except they're mirrored images of each other.

We're planning on moving the end of May so we will be in for the 1st of June. It's bitter-sweet for me. On the one hand, I'm gonna miss Sara terribly. We've gotten to be super, SUPER close friends. And I'll miss my Cub Scouts and the members of the ward. On the other hand, I'm excited to have a bigger space and have all of our stuff under the same roof(minus our trailer[possibly] and piano[one day, I swear it will move out of Janet and Mark's basement]).

I guess I'm mostly apprehensive, scratch that, scared, about the new ward we would move into. I'm pretty shy when it comes to new people and I have a hard time feeling welcome in new wards. I'm sure it will work out. The Lord gives us opportunities to grow and I know this is one of them. I'm grateful that he has that kind of faith in me!


Gotta love lds.org

I absolutely love the Church's website. If you've got a question, the site has an answer.

Justin and I have been trying harder to read the Book of Mormon together (we've resorted to reading while we're carpooling to work). I usually do the reading, as Justin usually drives. The other day, we came across the "And my father dwelt in a tent" verse. I thought to myself, "so what? Big deal, you lived in a tent." But then I got to thinking about it. Why would Nephi waste space on the plates, especially so early in the writing, about something so seemingly unimportant? There must be a reason. So I went to lds.org and found this very illuminating article. It documents a couple who were contracted by the Church Magazines to find the route that was most probable for Lehi and his family to take when escaping Jerusalem. I HIGHLY recommend it. It was a very interesting read.



I feel like I need to apologize for not posting more from March and, now April. I have decided that I need to get a small point and shoot camera because my camera is just too big to haul around every where. I mean, seriously, have you ever tried to get a candid with yourself and another person trying to reach something roughly the size and shape of an anvil clear out to your arm's full extension? Yeah, not so fun...

To add to the lack of pictures, our laptop has some sort of virus and we haven't had the time to sit down and figure the dumb thing out. We'll probably have to take it to one of our friends (computer genius!) to get it taken care of. That's fine, he's a good guy.

So, I have a million pictures. Can I upload them? No. They are on my laptop. As it is, I'm writing this post at 8:40 in the morning on my work computer. Not that my boss would mind if I was writing it during business hours, but it just doesn't have the same familiarity as my laptop.

Justin has a new job. He's going to be phasing out his bug spraying, so if you want your house sprayed, you best speak up soon. He is working for a company that buys and refurbishes used commercial fitness equipment. It is truly amazing how much happier he is at this job than he was bug spraying.

Well, I suppose, until my laptop is fixed, adieu.