Mark and Janet Family Reunion - Pine Valley

This is a picture of us outside the historic chapel in Pine Valley, Utah. Every year, Janet and Mark (Justin's parents) have a family reunion with their children at the cabin that Dixie State College owns. Janet works in the Computer Department there, thus allowing us to use the cabin. This year, the family reunion was in May. Usually, we have it later in the year, but this year, many of the other faculty members wanted the same weekends.
There is always a family picture at these reunions and this time, Janet arranged for the photographer to take individual family pictures for each of the children. Each family had a different color (to identify each family's members to people who don't know us) and our color was tan. Notice that my hair is strait in this picture. It took me an hour and a half to get it that way. Stephanie, our oldest niece, asked me what I was doing to my hair. She said I looked funny with half strait, half fuzzy hair. After I got it all fixed, though, she thought it looked okay.
On Memorial Day, we went to visit some family graves then went to a small, state park near Caliente, Nevada. We had a nice picnic lunch while the kids swam in a small wading pool there. Justin's younger sister, Megan also announced that she would be leaving to serve her LDS mission in Sweden on September 19th.

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