I'm fine, really.

Okay. For those of you that don't know, I was admitted into the ER on Thursday morning (the 16th). I'm fine, there wasn't anything wrong with me.
I had woken up that morning with a headache and took some Tension headache medicine on an empty stomach and it had a weird effect on me. I should mention here that I have taken Tension headache in the exact same circumstances and NEVER had this happen. That is partly why I was worried. My heart was racing and my fingers were numb and I didn't want anything bad to happen when we live so far away from the hospital, so I told Justin to take me to the Insta-care. Well, apparently Insta-care doesn't open before 8:00 am. On to the ER we went. I was admitted and they took my blood pressure about a million times, did an EKG and a head scan and found everything fine.
The only drama was when they started taking my blood. They had an intern in there doing it. Poor girl. Anyway, I am very frightened of needles, to the point that I pass out. I told the nurse that was advising the intern that I tend to pass out where needles are concerned and that if she didn't want me to, I should probably be lying down flat. Obviously, she thought that I wasn't serious. So she starts telling the intern all kinds of things: "The band isn't tight enough" "This is a good vein, that is a bad vein, this vein will probably roll" "That's what it looks like when you go clear through the vein." Yeah. I lost it there. I told Justin that I was going to pass out. He tried to distract me. I didn't work. I told the nurse, "I'm going to pass out." "Sure you are, dear." The next thing I remember was a ringing in my ear and opening my eyes. Apparently, I tried to curl into a ball when I passed out, so Justin was trying to lie me flat.
It was concluded that a combination of the adverse reaction to the medicine and the stress I have been under lately is what caused the whole episode. So, learn from my expensive reminder: Don't get too stressed!


Frank and Alyson Paice said...

What were they thinking. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS listen to your patient.
Glad you are doing better.

Erin Gelmstedt said...

Lol... Not you going to the ER, but the fact that the Nurse/Intern did take you seriously. My mother tried to tell her obgyn that she was going to puke while in labor with me and tried to sit up. He told her no she wasn't and pushed her back down... then she puke all over him. Sweet justice!

Kevin and Sara Laub said...

This story still makes me chuckle! Rachel and needles...;)