Paice Family Reunion '09

Yeah... I know... I should have posted this two weeks ago... but I have been super busy. Between trying to put together a fundraiser for the Fire Dept. and various other trips and jobs, I've had little time to get stuff up.

So, in June, we had the Paice Family Reunion up in Ely. It was a lot of fun, even if it did rain for most of the day on Saturday... made for awesome photos...The Family Picture
Uncle George's Family
Aunt Gayle's Family
Uncle Wayne's family
Uncle Keith's family (for those of you that are curious, this is my mother's twin brother)
And, of course, my mother's family.

Unfortunately, Uncle Frank and his family were unable to be there. We missed them terribly, but they said that they will be at Chris' wedding later in the year.

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Corbett Family said...

Great photos. Were you running the timer and running across the road to sit in the picture? When is Chris getting married? I never heard that news. I'm out of the loop. :)