Gotta love lds.org

I absolutely love the Church's website. If you've got a question, the site has an answer.

Justin and I have been trying harder to read the Book of Mormon together (we've resorted to reading while we're carpooling to work). I usually do the reading, as Justin usually drives. The other day, we came across the "And my father dwelt in a tent" verse. I thought to myself, "so what? Big deal, you lived in a tent." But then I got to thinking about it. Why would Nephi waste space on the plates, especially so early in the writing, about something so seemingly unimportant? There must be a reason. So I went to lds.org and found this very illuminating article. It documents a couple who were contracted by the Church Magazines to find the route that was most probable for Lehi and his family to take when escaping Jerusalem. I HIGHLY recommend it. It was a very interesting read.

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