Jen and Keith Come to Visit

We went wheeling, looking at houses, driving around, and to dinner. I think I made them hike to places Jen would never have gone had I not pushed her to. For those of you who don't know Jen, she is my best friend from high school. We always talk about visiting each other, but never seem to do it... until this year. We had a lot of fun visiting and watching Jazz games. I'm not sure that they were actually Jazz fans, but they were good sports about it and cheered for them anyway. So here are some pictures from our wheelin' adventure. I particularly love the one of Justin at the bottom on the edge of the cliff. Don't worry, there was no wind.

I probably ought not to admit this, but we had a ton of fun throwing rocks off the edge of the cliff and hearing their soft "crack" at the bottom... Next time, I'm totally bringing a golf club and golf ball...

The handsome man I married! :3 (and incidentally, I think this looks like the cover for an album... my very own rock star...)

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Kevin and Sara Laub said...

I am behind but I just read your latest and it is fun to read and see what you are doing. We don't see each other enough anymore...How'd black Friday go?