Adventures in Adobe Photoshop...

The long hours of my work day can be very tedious, so I am always looking for new ways to jazz it up a little. Recently, it has been watching videos on YouTube of how to do things on Adobe Photoshop and experimenting with what I have learned.

(click on the picture on the right, her eyes are awesome looking!)
This is one of my very first creations I just barely finished of Audrey Hepburn. She was a gorgeous woman and definitely didn't need to be "fixed on photoshop" but it was fun to do anyway. The one on the left is the before, on the right is the after. It inspired me to decide to hold a little contest of Photoshop creations that will be posted on my blog on May 1st. The 1st place prize is two movie tickets.

The Rules:
1. You don't have to have taken the photo, but the creation must be your own.
2. You may enter as many projects as you would like.
3. Submitted projects must be saved for the web as jpegs.
4. To enter, e-mail finished projects as well as your name and contact information to me at: rachel.rcphotography@gmail.com
5. If you have any questions, post them in the comments portion of this blog entry. Others may have the same questions you do.
6. Tell your friends that they can enter too!


jamerlou said...

I totally intend on entering your contest. I have to think of a really great project first! I have some ideas!

Corbett Family said...

I have photoshop on our new computer, but I need to learn how to use it. If I get some time, I'll give it a try.

Kevin and Sara Laub said...

I think I can find a picture...