Me and My Randomness...

I really should be banned from thinking. Here, alone at work, with no phone calls, watching the Dancing With the Stars Elimination episode in parts on YouTube (darned addictive programing) , I have been thinking of some really random things. Justin and I have been reading a lot lately. We have decided that we really have two HUGE passions: reading and watching movies. Anyone who has been to our little apartment knows that we have two DVD towers that are nearly full of movies (everyone of them has been watched at least once) and two book cases literally (hahahaha... get it literally... nevermind) over flowing with books. We don't have television mainly because our antennae isn't hooked up and we're too cheap to get satellite, but we don't really miss it.
As of right now (since Christmas, that is), I have read all seven Harry Potter books and have about thirty pages left of The Broker by John Grisham. It's been a bit weird reading an American writer after adjusting to a British writer and their version of the English language for seven novels.
As far as movies go, I can't even begin to tell you all the movies we have seen, some on video some in the theater. We went and saw I Am Legend in the theater twice. That is an intense movie. Also on our list has been Amazing Grace, Stardust, Mansfield Park, Jane Eyre, and tons of other videos I can't even remember at the moment.
Justin is on a reading rampage (props to Strongbad...;) He has read quite a few of his Tom Clancy and John Grisham books including the one he got from me for our anniversary, The Appeal. We really enjoy reading. Don't know why... I guess, at least for me, it is because I have a very vivid imagination and what I see in my head when I read is like the best movie ever... or something like that... enough with the random thoughts. Rein them in, Rachel, rein them in, ...

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