Say What?!?!?!

As I have said in the past, Justin and I don't have television, so when this news story came to my attention, even though it happened about a month ago (I think), I was blindsided. Apparently, a woman who worked for Walmart got into a very serious car accident and was mental handicapped by said accident. After a lengthy court battle, she was awarded $470,000 ($417,000 after legal fees) that was put into a trust to pay for her medical expenses for the rest of her life. Well, when she signed up for Walmart's health plan, she didn't read in the fine print that if the plan put out any money for medical expenses (which it did to the amount of $470,000), then they are legally allowed to be "reimbursed" if there is damages are awarded. And they did indeed take the $417,000 from the trust fund so that the program would be fair to all of its employees.
Now, I understand that what they did was well with in their rights, but was it very ethical? This is the question I'm posing to you all. Remember, Walmart pulls in $9 billion a quarter, not a year, a quarter, so they definitely didn't need the money. But the other thing that I found irritating is that with all these problems that his client is facing, the attorney that represents this woman is NOT being asked to return his legal fees and do the case pro-bono. He gets on his soap box and rails how Walmart is being unfair in taking the money, but shows no sign of relinquishing his 11%. Now, I know, he worked for it and he probably worked very hard, and the 11% is far below the usual 1/3 that many attorneys take, but this whole story just reeks, to me, of unjustness.
I have included the link to the story here www.cnn.com/2008/US/03/25/walmart.insurance.battle/index.html
in case anyone wants to read it. I know that it is on the CNN website, so I have taken it with the usual grain of salt, but even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes...

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