Best Mother's Day yet...

Sunday was quite a day for me. Usually, Mother's Day tends to be a painful reminder that Justin and I, after four years of trying, do not have children. This year, I was pleasantly surprised by a few "tender mercies." The first tender mercy was that I was able to talk to my brother that is on his mission. He and I are very close and it has been hard to only talk to him through e-mails. We called him while we were at church (because that was the only time he could talk) and joked around on the phone for a few minutes.

He told me some great stories, my favorite being how he was unable to get a hold of my parents through their land line and couldn't remember my mother's cell phone number. Apparently, he had given my parents the wrong number to call him on, so of course, my mother couldn't get through to the right house. Anyway, he called my Uncle Dave, because we used to go to their house every mother's day to visit them and my grandma. My uncle answered the phone.
UD: Hello?
Chris: Hi, Uncle Dave. This is Chris.
UD: Oh, hi... CHRIS! Are you home?
Chris: No, is mom at your house?
UD: No.
Chris: Do you know where she is?
UD: No.
Chris: What's her cell phone number?
I laughed for ages, in fact I still laugh at that story. And, yes, my brother did manage to get a hold of my parents.
The second tender mercy I received was from Kevin and Sara's kids. I guess, in their day of shopping the week previous, the kids (Sam and Derrick, probably) saw a really cute picture frame that was red. Samantha immediately said something to the effect of "Rachel loves red, Mom! Can we get her a present?" I was touched when Sara told me that her children think of me as their second mom. I know that when I have children, I hope they are like her kids! I sure love those kids as if I was their second mom. So, thank you, Samantha, Derrick, and KayDee (and you too, Kevin and Sara) for helping make Mother's Day special for me. (sniff!)

I got this cute picture with the frame to have something to put in it.

Side note: my husband didn't forget me on that day, don't you worry. He took me out to dinner on Saturday night. He knows the way to my heart is through my stomach...;) I guess I really have spent to much time around guys! XD


jamerlou said...

Sorry if Mother's Day stings for you. I'm glad it was a good year though!

Kevin and Sara Laub said...

I am so glad we could make your mother's day good! You are already a mother and that is all you need to know!

Edwards Family said...

I'm so glad that you and Justin get to live in Gunlock with Kevin and Sara. I love going to their house and seeing all those cute kids running around. I'm glad you've been able to be their second mom and love them. I know they don't exactly replace your dreams of being a mother, but they definately fill a special void. You and Justin are going to be awesome parents...and, as much as I HATE people telling me this, the wait won't seem that long in the whole scheme of things. I'm glad you had a good mother's day.
Thinking of you, Elisa
P.S. I haven't gone to church on a mother's day or father's day in 5 years. I finally decided I didn't need the painful reminders.

Camille Campbell said...

Girlfriend, Your are so much a momma figure to all your nephews and nieces. I love and appreciate you as someone I can trust and depend on with my son. You deserve to be celebrated on that day, so I'm very happy those cute kids took good care of you. They sure love you! Lucky woman. We love you too!! *smooch!* :)