Thank You, Mom

Though many women have been influential in my life, none have held a candle to my mother. She was the one who held me up through the death of family and friends, through difficult heart breaks, and painful rejection. She was the one who laughed with me, encouraged me, who celebrated with me. Aside from my savior, there has never been anyone who has plead with the Father for me more than she. If she has bad knees, I am convinced I am the cause. And when the time came to pass the mantel of my care to my husband, I am sure her heart broke, but at the same time, rejoiced when she watched us kneel at the alter. And though I owe a debt that can never be repaid, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make certain that all her love, all her care, all her prayers, all her sacrifices were not in vain. She is my friend, my confidante. She is my angel. She is my mother.
It is the season to appreciate mothers. Make sure your's knows how much you love her.

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