Come On PEOPLE!!!

I must start off this entry by stating that I LOVED the movie The Dark Knight. It was a breath off fresh air in what seems to be a slipping of quality in movie entertainment.

Okay, now into my rant.

I have been reading a lot of articles pertaining to the appropriateness of the movie for children. I can not be the only person smart enough to read a rating! The movie is PG-13. Apparently, some parents have forgotten or were just never taught that PG-13 means that movie content may not be appropriate for those under the age of 13. Now, I believe that it is a parent's choice as to whether or not they take their children to a PG-13 movie, but when they start to complain that they brought their kids (under 13) thinking that it was going to be a nice, happy-go-lucky, bunny, fluffy movie, then they should be slapped. Where did common sense go?

The article goes on to suggest that the reason the movie is so detrimental is because the "action" isn't violence, per se, but of the heart. "There is no hope for the city." What? Did we see the same movie? The entire plot is based on the fact that even in the face of evil, people can make the right choice; a city can fight against evil tyranny. If there ever was a time for such a morally stand out movie that The Dark Knight is (surprisingly), it is now! Introducing the thought provoking questions asked in the movie to teens and young adults is not only appropriate, but down right necessary since many "main stream" parents won't do it. They are the generation shaping the world and, frankly, I would rather have them believing that people are mostly good and that evil can be conquered.

Okay... thanks for letting me vent... Go see the movie... It really is excellent and we should support the good entertainment in hopes that the law of supply and demand will take effect on Hollywood and produce more good quality entertainment.


jamerlou said...

When I worked at the movies, people would take their kids to rated R movies so they wouldn't have to get a sitter. They'd come out half-way through the movie and want their money back because that movie wasn't appropriate for their kids. I was like, "Hello, rated R." I'm pretty picky about movies and my kids. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Batman. Merril loved the first one.

Kevin and Sara Laub said...

Love your passion! I agree and I agree some more!