So my new found talent/obsession/hobby is making videos. I have a program that I can put music, audio, video, text, pictures, narration, etc. in to and turn it into something that I think is pretty neat. After my videos are made, I upload them to YouTube. Here in lies my frustration today. I have just finished a video with my brother's music in it and have started to upload it. Under the little box where you find the pathway to your video on your computer, there is a little comment saying, "Please, be patient. This may take several minutes." Several minutes my foot! For a video four minutes in length, it seems to take half an hour! It's okay, I can wait. I have my work done, so I don't have much else to do, but GRRRRRR!!!!!

I will be linking to the video (when it finally finishes uploading) and my YouTube channel in my next post.

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