New Blog Background

I created this new background using my Adobe Photoshop and some tips from a website I found through my sister-in-law's (Jody's) blog page. Sorry if you can't see the whole image. For those of you that will ask, yes, that is Campbell of Argyle plaid. A picture of Justin and I are on the left and just Justin is on the right. It was amazingly simple. Here's the link if you want to do it yourself.


jamerlou said...

I'm sorry you guys have had rotten luck with dogs. It seems so unfair. Personally, that's why we only get fish. I don't feel as bad when they die. And we've added a new pet to the tank! We found a bunch of teeny snails at the lake and brought 8 home. Now they clean the inside of the tank. Again, sorry about Lily!

Corbett Family said...

Love the new blog background! Sorry about your dog. I'm with Jamie, I think I am only going to let my kids get fish as pets.