Poor Puppy

On Friday, we had to take our puppy into the vet. I hate doing that because vets are so expensive, but our little puppy was in a lot of pain. Anyway, we found out that because her mother didn't nurse her long enough, her little bones were deformed and her immune system wasn't up to snuff. In fact, because of a fall, her abdomen was full of fluid and her kidneys were inflamed. Not to mention her ribs were flared and didn't connect to her sternum. The doctor gave her a 10% chance of living if we spent at least $2000 dollars and put her immediately through surgery. Even with all that, she would probably get sick again and it would probably be worse. So with that information, we decided to have Lily put down. I have decided that we are never, ever, ever getting another dog. It hurts Justin too much when they die.

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Camille Campbell said...

Matt and I both agree this is very sad to hear. We are both completely bummed out about it! We're sorry you guys have gone thru the ringer with the puppies. That's rough! :(