Loren's Wedding

When Justin and I lived in Fernley, he was called to be the ward mission leader. I can't express just how much he disliked that position. Not because he worked with the missionaries or had to take missionaries out to remote parts of Nevada when they ran out of miles on their car, but because he had to go to PEC. He hated hearing about the people in the ward who were having disciplinary action taken against them...

Anyway, one of the elders that served there was Loren Noel. He's about a month younger than me and we hit it off like we were brother and sister. After he went home, he moved back to Las Vegas to go to school. We moved back to St. George and every so often, we still hang out with Loren.

He and his fiance, Danielle, were married in the Las Vegas temple in early August. It was the first time Justin and I had been to the Las Vegas temple. It is so pretty inside! I love the little atrium garden in the middle.

Justin and I outside the temple.

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