Ok... so I'm not a math major...

Last night, as I was sewing mindlessly, I realized that I made a mistake on my dimensions. See, originally, I had planned to do rows of 7 twelve inch blocks which would make 84". But looking at it, I realize that, I had made 7" blocks instead... so I need to do rows of 12 seven inch blocks. So it's gonna take more jeans that I had originally stated... But still, I should have enough for extra quilts.

Anyway, I promised a picture of the block I pieced, using the paper piecing method, and here it is... in very poor quality because, once again, I was flying out of my house and only had time to snap the picture with the camera in my phone... but here it is!
P.S. I know that it doesn't look square, but I swear it is. Honest... its just the lighting and the crappy quality of my camera on my phone.

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