Wait... what? You didn't go to the Coral Pinks? Are you crazy?

No... not crazy... just not in the mood to sink into the snow again... ugh... I hate snow....

Anyway, we went to the Hurricane Sand Dunes this year instead of to the Coral Pinks. My parents and youngest brother came down for the New Year holiday so my Mom, Alex, Chris, Shae and Max (Chris and Shae's dog) came with us. Due to time constraints, we didn't actually get our Jeep ready. :( I know, I was sad too. So we took Mom and Dad's Jeep and Shae's truck.

I had a great time, even if we only went for a few hours. It was nice to not have to travel so far, but I did kind of miss the Corals.

Mom and Dad's Jeep and Shae's truck. I think it looks like a car add.

How many shots of the temple do you see from this angle, eh?

He can fly!

A picture of the valley. I know that it doesn't really look all that impressive, but when you're standing on the two hundred foot cliff, it's pretty intense...

To put the cliffs in to perspective, I took this picture of Alex "on the edge of oblivion!"

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