Summer... Part two.

Here's the cabin at Pine Valley for the Campbell reunion.
Launching water bottle rockets with the air compressor. Boys will be boys...
Juliet "tanning" after a swim in Veyo. She was so cute!
The grandkids put together a skit all by themselves. They had a lot of fun with it.
I turned 26 this year... Justin threw me a very nice party. Jaime Sullivan (who is the bakery manager at the Bluff street Albertsons) decorated the cake. It was really good and I was very touched by my husband's thoughtfulness

This is Alex's barbershop chorus in the Reno Area. Chris is in this picture too because he is part of the barbershop society down here. At the end of the concert, they called up all those that had ever participated or been a member of the barbershop society up to the stage to sing their "motto" song. I don't know what it is... I can't remember...whoops... Anyway, we weren't supposed to take pictures, but when they called up Chris (and others) I had to get a renegade shot. It was good, though it was way, WAY long.

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