Justin's Lily

Several weeks ago, Justin was spraying a lady's house in Diamond Valley. The lady's dog, which is half Pit bull half Labrador, had just had puppies the Monday previous. She didn't even know her dog was pregnant until she started dropping puppies. The mother dog isn't very old herself; this is her first batch of puppies and it was the first time she had ever been in heat. The father is a pure bred Pit bull. They were in separate, but adjoining kennels and the mom burrowed over to the dad's kennel. Since that time, the mom has quit feeding the puppies. Of course, that means that the puppies had to learn how to eat real food much sooner than they should have had to. But when the mom take care of them anymore and they are eating regular food, then they are ready to go to a new home.

The owner called Justin and told him that if he wanted one of these puppies, to come and have a look. So, on Thursday after work, we went over and scoped them out. That's were we found little Lily, here. She's not much older than four weeks, though Justin has yet to find the receipt for the owner so he can figure out how old she is exactly. Lily has become Justin's dog; a daddy's girl. She will come to me, but only if she can't hear or see Justin. It's wonderful having a puppy that smells and acts and fattens up like a puppy.
All the research that we have done says that Pit bulls are great with people, but not with other dogs (at least the ones they don't grow up around). Though, one very pro Pit bull site did say that if they show aggression or intolerance to people, then they should be put down. We are hoping that her Lab side will show more than the Pit bull, but all in all, she's still cute!

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