Gaaa! Sara Tagged Me!

Man, I thought that I was immune to this stuff! Crap. Now I actually have to think...

Name 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions / collections, 3 random / surprising facts about yourself - then tag 3 people.
3 Joys
3 Fears
The plains. You know, big, open ground with no mountains. Where do you run for cover?
Someone in my family (especially Justin) getting in a fatal accident
Spiders... they're creepy, alright? ;)
3 Current Obsessions
Making movies
3 Random/Surprising Facts
I've never seen an ocean. (SF bay, yes, but not the ocean)
I've never been east of the Rockies.
My favorite movie is a little, unknown Harrison Ford movie called Six Days, Seven Nights.

As with Sara, this is also my first tag, so I'll tag... Jamie, Camille, and Jody. HA! Now you have to think! ;-D

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Edwards Family said...

We love watching Six Days and Seven nights! Such fun information!