I'm an Aunt... again... YAY!

Since no one else has posted this yet, I'll do it.

Jared and Emily had their baby on Tuesday afternoon.
Guess what? It's a boy! How exciting for them!
He's 9lbs 2 oz and 20-3/4" long. As of the last I heard, they had not picked out a name yet, but seeing as it is the 26th when I post this, so, in all likely hood, they might have picked one out. I'll post it when I know.

I hear that I have three extremely excited nieces...

P.S. If you're wondering why we haven't gone to see the baby yet, our neighbors have had the sniffles and I want to make sure that Justin and I don't have them before we go see our nephew. Its a little respiratory thing they've got and we don't want to give it to any of the three new born great-grandkids.


jamerlou said...

Emily told me once that she didn't want me to blog pictures with her kids in them. Maybe that's why no one's blogged about it yet. But, I'm so excited that they finally got a boy!

Rachel said...

That's weird... she's never told me that... and tons of pictures with her kids in them... hmm... I guess if she tells me that she doesn't want me to, then I won't... too...?